Key figures

100% Made in France Ligier Group

100% manufactured in France across 2 sites: Abrest and Boufféré

Parts de marché Ligier Microcar

More than 40% of light quadricycle parts on the market in Europe




Chiffre d'affaires Ligier Group VSP

€131 million turnover

Nombre de salariés Ligier Group

400 employees



VSP Ligier Microcar

15,000 vehicles produced

Scooter électrique La Poste Ligier

Number one partner for European postal service providers for more than 10 years.

Ligier Group has a strong dealer network of over 550 entities across Europe

  • 4 commercial subsidiaries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain
  • 11 importers: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, New Caledonia
  • 220 Ligier-Microcar Specialist Garages across France: find your nearest Ligier - Microcar specialist garage.




VSP Ligier Microcar concessions Europe