About us


A French manufacturer, renowned for its exceptional expertise for almost 40 years, Ligier Group is a niche player with an agile and innovative approach and a deep commitment to ensuring its customers’ satisfaction.

The joining of forces in 2008 between Ligier and Microcar under the aegis of a single structure, Ligier Group, led to the creation of a strong group and a market leader. Its distribution network is made up of nearly 200 specialist garages in France and more than 550 points of sale in 11 European countries. Ligier Group is therefore able to offer every customer maximum accessibility to its full range of models across all countries.

Manufacturer of niche vehicles for the general public and professionals, the group is also a leading pioneer in Europe in the electric vehicle market, equipping European postal service providers with innovative 3- and 4-wheeled vehicles (PULSE 3 and PULSE 4). This professional fleet is testimony to Ligier Group’s ability to always respond with absolute efficiency to the specific mobility requests of its customers, including both professionals and individuals.