During the 1960s, top sportsman Guy Ligier, French Motorbike Championship winner and Formula 1 driver, began developing his own sports car, designed for both the race track and the road. This exciting adventure, significant on both a personal and a technological level, would lead the team to build over 20 Formula 1 cars.

In the 1980s, with vehicles ranging from prestige models to competition cars, Guy LIGIER diversified his range with the addition of tractor cabs, going on to transform them into AM licence vehicles with the first LIGIER JS 4.

Ligier Group entreprise Made in France

In 2008, Ligier Group was born out the union of two major players on the European light and heavy quadricycle market: Ligier Automobiles and Microcar. Drawing on Ligier’s top-level sports experience and Microcar’s 30 years of technological experience, the group strives daily to respond to specific, ever-changing and innovative demands.

It’s thanks to these 40 years of experience that the Group succeeds in developing new models and in continuing innovate in favour of increasingly efficient mobility.

Historique Ligier Group VSP Ligier et Microcar
Ligier JS VSP

Today, Ligier is celebrating its 50th model with the JS 50 and continues to pay tribute to driver and great friend of Guy Ligier, Jo Schlesser, with his initials "JS" before each serial number.