What you need to know to make sure you're properly insured

Assurance VSP

Accidents happen, even at Ligier! Even with an AM licence car, you need to choose a car insurance policy that will protect you and ensure that you are appropriately covered in the event of an incident on the road.



Road accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Although, in most cases, we’re not talking about big accidents, a broken rear-view mirror, a dented door, or a cracked window are all examples of damage that is not always easy or cheap to repair.

In addition to material damage, the right insurance policy for your AM licence car will protect you and others. Whether you are the victim or the cause, road accidents can never be predicted. Selecting the right car insurance policy is therefore crucial for your peace of mind behind the wheel.



Fewer accidents are caused by AM licence cars than other vehicles in France, in the same way that there are fewer thefts. It is therefore often much easier to find attractive insurance rates when you drive an AM licence car.

However, it’s important to choose car insurance that covers you for more than just third-party liabilities, which is the most basic form of insurance and only includes coverage for damage caused to third parties.

Even if you don’t see a need for it immediately, comprehensive AM licence car insurance will cover external impacts, fires, window breakages, natural disasters and many other forms of damage, whether you are responsible or not. “Driver insurance” focuses more on the individual and ensures that you are indemnified against physical and psychological damage suffered behind the wheel, covering medical costs or even loss of earnings in the event that you are unable to work following an accident.

To help you decide which insurance policy is right for you, why not use an insurance provider comparison site to find the offer that is best suited to your AM licence car, your profile and, of course, your budget.