Permis AM voiture sans permis

Persuaded that the earlier young people start learning to drive on the road, the more responsible their behaviour on the road will be, in October 2014 the French government lowered to 14 the age at which you can drive a light four-wheeled vehicle.


The ruling of 18 December 2018 amending the ruling of 8 November 2012 laying down the conditions for obtaining the road safety certificate corresponding to the AM category driving licence was published in the Official Journal on the 23 December 2018.

This text, which comes into force on 1 March 2019, amends the content and training organisation conditions for the AM licence.


8 hrs. of training in two days

The minimum duration of training for the AM licence is now 8 hours (instead of 7), which are given over at least two days, without exceeding 4 hours of training per day for better assimilation by the student of the knowledge and practical experience.

Light four-wheeled vehicle training away from traffic and in traffic

The authorised driving school can offer to adjust the duration of training away from traffic and in traffic on roads that are open to light four-wheeled vehicles so as to tailor the training to suit your profile. The mandatory training period away from traffic is at least 1 hour and a minimum of 3 hours are required for practical experience in road traffic.

Mandatory presence of a parent or legal representative

The new legislation on AM licence training, which is available from the age of 14, now involves the mandatory participation of a parent or legal representative of students who are minors during the last training sequence on risk awareness (driving behaviour, speed...).

Training booklet

It is mandatory to make an AM licence training booklet available. This will provide the student information on the required duration of the training, the five sequences it comprises and the skills to be acquired. During the training, it will be a tool for discussion and a teaching aid between the driving and safety instructor and the student. Following the training, it can be used to take stock of the driving knowledge and skills acquired.

A mandatory introduction to the highway code

The new provisions for the AM licence, which is available to 14-year-olds, require that a ‘Highway code’ sequence is set in place, allowing basic knowledge to be acquired/revised.

Législation voiture 14 ans

Learning to drive is a demanding step to take, which requires the acquisition of knowledge and expertise, familiarity with and understanding of the rules, and the acquisition of technical skills necessary to the good control of your vehicle. Taking your AM licence to drive a light four-wheeled vehicle from the age of 14, also means developing the life skills that will allow you to conduct yourself in line with good road safety practices.

Ligier Group and its partners  EasyMonneret and ECF are seizing this new opportunity by further reinforcing their combined actions in favour of teaching young people from the age of 14 how to drive light four-wheeled vehicles and share the road safely.