1st april 2020

Unique on the quadricycle market! Ligier and Microcar are the only brands of quadricycles to propose power steering on their models. A true innovation in the light quadricycle segment, this technology is your guarantee of comfort and safety!


Because the safety of quadricycle drivers and passengers is a priority, Ligier and Microcar focuses on proposing an unequalled level of reliability! Thanks to power steering, an exclusive innovation, Ligier and Microcar quadricycles adapt perfectly to driving conditions and avoid any unwanted wandering from the correct trajectory.

With the dynamic behaviour of the light quadricycle obtained through the use of power steering, the active feedback received by the driver at the steering wheel enhances straight line stability! This unique technology provides greater control of the vehicle. A non-negligible argument for both drivers and passengers.


Reduce your effort at the wheel

Power steering, available on option on Ligier and Microcar vehicles equipped with a DCI engine, provides far superior driving comfort! The effort required during manoeuvres at low speed is reduced by a factor of five compared with a vehicle without power steering. You therefore have to turn the steering much less and parking your quadricycle is much easier.

Take a test drive! You can turn the wheel easily with a single finger, instead of having to use your whole hand!

Power steering = constant effort

Apart from being reduced, the effort required to turn the steering wheel is constant from one full lock to the other.  Consequently, you no longer need to force during parking manoeuvres to centralise the steering wheel from full lock. Generally a lot more effort is required, you often need to use both hands to turn the wheel. With Ligier and Microcar power steering, up to 10 times less effort is required to straighten the wheels from full lock!


On all its vehicles equipped with a DCI engine, Ligier and Microcar proposed electric power steering, not hydraulic! Technically called Electric Power Steering (EPS), this technology offers numerous advantages:

  • Greater reliability: fewer components than with hydraulic technology
  • Significantly reduced consumption: electric power steering is only activated when necessary, which considerably reduces the energy to be produced by the engine
  • progressive power steering which is activated during low speed manoeuvres but which is virtually zero at 45 km/h, resulting in much safer road-holding and improved directional stability


Patented in the United States in 1932, power steering reduces the effort required to steer the vehicle wheels. Proposed on option on Chrysler vehicles in 1951, electric power steering became standard equipment in the years 2000.

Did you know? In 2011, only 58 % of the cars produced were equipped with electric power steering.