January 1st, 2020

Music, multimedia, navigation… Comfort and safety systems have become decisive factors when choosing which car to buy. Now equipped, on option, with Carplay and Android Auto, the Ligier and Microcar quadricycles invite you to discover new driving pleasures, in complete safety!

Carplay & Android Auto, the reference of connected car radios

Easy to use, intuitive and fast, the Carplay and Android Auto connected systems allow you to access your smartphone's features and applications directly on your quadricycle car radio. You can obtain routes, listen to your favourite music and make phone call easily and always in complete safety.

How does it work?

By connecting your smartphone to your quadricycle with the USB cable, you can easily access the applications directly on the screen of your connected car radio. Simply switch on your smartphone's voice assistant* to start navigating, listen to music or call someone from your directory.

Apple or Google?

If you have an Apple Iphone, you can connect to your Ligier or Microcar quadricycle via Carplay. If you have an Android smartphone (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.), use the Android Auto gateway to connect your smartphone to the car.
Both systems were created in 2014 and have been deployed massively on mass production vehicles since the end of 2017. Carplay and Android Auto propose similar features and voice control. Only the graphic interface is different.

In Europe in 2019, 73 % of smartphones were Android and 26 % were Iphone, the distribution varying depending on the country. 

more multimedia services…

With the new Carplay and Android Auto systems, increase the number of multimedia functions available on your quadricycle! Take advantage of the wealth of applications available on your smartphone, in complete safety: GPS navigation assistance with Waze or Maps, listen to your favourite music via the Spotify or Deezer platforms, use your messaging system, the phone function, etc.

Your connected car radio provides easy access to a catalogue of applications in addition to the initial functions of your equipment. Simply define the ones you need!


… in complete safety!

*Voice assistance

Use your applications easily without ever taking your eyes off the road thanks to voice control. Interact with your connected car radio in complete safety. To use Apple Carplay, simply say "HEY SIRI" and on Android Auto "OK GOOGLE". These voice assistants will allow you to access all your smartphone's features in your Ligier or Microcar vehicle.

Smartphone applications available

With Carplay and Android Auto, no risk of being distracted at the wheel: applications considered to be incompatible with driving are blocked by Google and Apple! Carplay and Android Auto only provide access to a limited number of applications: navigation assistants (GPS), music platforms, telephony, written messaging.

The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited by the Highway Code and punishable by law.  



GPS and the law on light quadricycles*

As laid down by law, it is prohibited to drive quadricycles on motorways, expressways and dual carriageways (Article R 421-2 of the Highway Code). Although most of these roads are identified by the two carriageways separated by a central reservation, there are some exceptions.

All roads prohibited to quadricycles are indicated to drivers by a blue sign with white edge showing the pictogram of a white car. 

GPS is unable to indicate the road network specific to quadricycles, so drivers must be extremely vigilant when using their GPS.

On mobile applications such as Waze or Maps, the motorways, dual carriageways, expressways and toll roads can be unticked in the settings.

Drivers must adapt their routes to the restrictions of the AM and light quadricycle licence, in addition to the route proposed by an application on their smartphone.

*Official name of vehicles without licence