M.Go Highland X: venture off the beaten track

When the sun comes out!

SUV Microcar sans permis

When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing more pleasant than being able to say YES to your every desire!

With your AM licence crossover, you can get around all summer long and explore a variety of places that are often hard to reach without a car.

When it’s hot, say YES:

- To walks around the lake

- To spontaneous trips to the cinema

- To BBQs with friends

- To picnics in the country

With your M.Go Highland X, you can even enjoy the comfort of air-conditioning.

When the weather turns bad!

When the weather turns grey, it starts to rain and the winter settles in, don’t stay cooped up at home! Make the most of the amenities of your M.Go Highland X and continue an active social life!

When it’s cold, say YES:

- To excursions in the country

- To cosy nights in at friends’ houses

- To shopping trips without getting wet

- To sledging outings

With your M.Go Highland X bodybuilder, you’re all set to go even in bad weather. Equipped with a rear fog lamp, you’ll enjoy travelling in the best possible conditions!

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