Stronger than Pulse 4 ?

An ultra-practical electric commercial vehicle

Ligier Professional - Utilitaires électriques professionels

You might not realise, but Ligier also offers a range of electric, flexible and modular commercial vehicles for professionals! Designed and adapted to the needs of professionals, the new Ligier Professional Pulse 4 combines innovation and performance to cater for local journeys.

Clip System or Swiss Army Knife 


The Pulse 4: the Swiss army knife you’ve been looking for!

Thanks to the Clip System, use a single vehicle for a multitude of purposes. Simply select the equipment you need:

- 3-sided flatbed for easy transportation of rubble

- Tarpaulin to protect your cargo from rain and wind

- Watering system to maintain your green spaces

- Boot with rolling shutter to keep your tools sheltered

- Isothermal refrigerated chamber to transport food

- 3-sided flatbed + aluminium extension sides and tool holder

- Waste tipper for optimal cleanliness

- Chamber + tipper duo for even greater versatility



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Lithium battery made in France

Ligier, the leading innovator!




...The Pulse 4 micro commercial vehicle is also environmentally friendly.

Made from recyclable materials, the Pulse 4 is equipped with a Lithium battery, giving it an average autonomy of 263 km. Made in France, this electric battery has a life time of 5 years and can be quickly recharged via a conventional socket (220v -16 A).

Who said efficiency and sustainability can’t co-exist?

Defy the norm with Pulse 4!

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