Innovation working for safety!

Driving with Ligier Group means absolute peace of mind!

Innovation sécurité sans permis

Ligier Group is the combination of Ligier’s 20 years’ sports experience and Microcar’s 30-year-long reputation as leading manufacturer in terms of safety!

Continuous innovation in the name of your safety...

Our engineers develop and rigorously test the parts of each AM licence vehicle for the active and passive safety of all passengers.

Virtual simulations,

crash tests carried out using dummies allow us to offer complete, smart safety.

Light quadricycles (AM licence vehicles) are ranked amongst the least accident-prone cars on the automobile and moped market!

QL Ligier Sécurité


Vehicles with cutting-edge technology...

  • Once-piece cage chassis for unswerving rigidity
  • Anti-constraint structural reinforcement
  • Exclusive Ligier Group airbag!
  • 4 stainless steel disk brakes combined with oversize pistons for even greater brake efficiency
  • Independent suspension with high-clearance shock absorbers to maintain perfect trajectory and road handling
  • Seat belt anchorages offering ultra-resistant protection
  • Unique Easy Park system facilitating low speed manoeuvres
  • Electric headlight height adjustment guaranteeing optimum lighting under all circumstances.